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Cstan98 Jedi 36 Strategies  by  Tan Chun Siong

Cstan98 Jedi 36 Strategies by Tan Chun Siong
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The 36 Strategies are below:1. 瞒天过海 Hide from Emperor.2. 围魏救赵 Surround A save B.3. 借刀杀人 Borrow knife kill A.4. 以逸待劳 Relax while enemy busy.5. 趁火打劫 Rob during fire.6. 声东击西 Sound east attack west.7. 无中生有 Something out of nothing.8. 暗渡陈仓 Use hidden path.9. 隔岸观火 See fire from far.10.

笑里藏刀 Laughter hide knife.11. 李代桃僵 Lose small save big.12. 顺手牵羊 Take goat also.13. 打草惊蛇 Beat grass scare snake.14. 借尸还魂 Make useless useful.15. 调虎离山 Trick tiger leave mountain.16. 欲擒故纵 Want capture therefore let-be.17. 抛砖引玉 Throw stone get jade.18. 擒贼擒王 Catch thief catch CEO.19. 釜底抽薪 Take firewood from fire.20. 混水摸鱼 Troubled water catch fish.21. 金蝉脱壳 Lose hardware save software.22. 关门捉贼 Close door catch thief.23.

远交近攻 Far friend close enemy.24. 假道伐虢 Borrow inside-path kill A.25. 偷梁换柱 Give bad take good.26. 指桑骂槐 Point A scold B.27. 假痴不癫 Fake stupid ignorance.28. 上屋抽梯 Up roof take ladder.29. 树上开花 Big fake formations.30. 反客为主 Guest become master.31. 美人计 Beautiful females.32. 空城计 Empty city.33. 反间计 Reverse spy.34. 苦肉计 Self suffering trick.35. 连环计 Trick within trick.36. 走为上计 Withdraw.This is a english-chinese translation of Chinese 36 strategies ebook. It teaches you the 36 Strategies.

Because a Jedi does not hit under the belt. Therefore the more you need to know enemies 36 strategies to stalemate them. Sun Zi: “whoever uses the best strategies win & “you need to know your enemies & yourself.” Therefore, reading this ebook is the first step to know how your enemies will use the 36 Strategies on you.

If you are a honourable Person like me, who do not hit-under-the-belt by using some of these 36 Strategies. It is still a good thing to be well-versed in them, so that you can stalemate your enemies’ 36 Strategies.

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