Hannibal Of Carthage Mary Dolan


Published: 1961


308 pages


Hannibal Of Carthage  by  Mary Dolan

Hannibal Of Carthage by Mary Dolan
1961 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 308 pages | ISBN: | 3.53 Mb

Sosylos was a Greek freedman who lived with Hannibal. He wrote a record of the march across the Alps, but his account is lost. It served, however, as a main source for Polybius the Greek, who wrote about the Hannibalic war some forty-eight years after Cannae. And later still, almost two hundred years after that battle, Titus Livy wrote a history of the same events, using Polybius as a source.

Livy differs from Polybius. And Polybius, before him, disagreed with Sosylos, for so he told us.The reader is pursuing here more than a brilliant general, more than a gallant soldier. he is pursuing a much rarer incarnation--a true patriot. This book is offered as a tribute to the courage of that patriot. it was without the taint, so seldom absent, of a personal ambition.

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