The Transition Witness: A Science Fiction Adventure in a Dystopian Future Teresa Tsalaky



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The Transition Witness: A Science Fiction Adventure in a Dystopian Future  by  Teresa Tsalaky

The Transition Witness: A Science Fiction Adventure in a Dystopian Future by Teresa Tsalaky
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IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO SURVIVE ON THE OUTSIDEBUT ONE WILL TRYFOR HER, FREEDOM IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN LIFE ITSELFBUT FREEDOM ISN’T ALWAYS WHAT YOU EXPECT IT TO BE*******************************************************With elements of action thriller and fantasy adventure, this science fiction new release will sweep you along with it like a raging river and deposit you into an ocean of wonder. —Rigby Reviews*******************************************************After the World Civil War, all power on Earth was consolidated into the hands of a few.

The weapons used during the war created weather patterns so severe that now, all must live enclosed in the five great dodecahedrons of the Consolidate. So adept are the rulers at manipulating the minds and emotions of the people, that most don’t even notice that they are little more than slaves for the elites.But a few do.DC-1128’s assignment in the rebel group is to escape the dodec and find out if survival on the outside is possible.

She has condensed everything she has learned about the outside world into a mantra that reignites her courage when it starts to falter: Wood burns, roots nourish, branches shelter, leaves heal She has taken the job of Transition Witness, attending the euthanasia of dodecians who have reached age fifty, to gain access to an escape route. Now, she only has to wait for someone to aid her escape—a transitioner with “the spark.”It’s Darby Tate’s day to die, and his only thought is how to hide his mother’s last gift. She had told him that if he trusted his heart, he would know when and how to use those two blue stones, but today is the last day of his life, and he still doesn’t know what to do with her gift.Ari Stockton knows that if survival on the outside is possible, DC-1128 will return for him and his daughter.

He knows it without having to ask. As the head of the Consolidate’s brain chemistry lab, he has been working on a formula that could free the people. It is not yet perfected, but he has hidden two vials of it in a side pocket of DC-1128’s escape pack.As DC-1128’s intent pulls these two men into its wake, each must make choices that could alter their own fates and the fate of the world. And now that DC-1128 has become the number one threat to the Consolidate, she has no choice but to risk everything—not only her own life, but the lives of those she loves most.___________________________________________________________What reviewers are saying about The Transition Witness:I look for adventure novels that make my heart pound.

I don’t care if they’re action thrillers, sci fi series, or fantasy adventures. This one definitely made my heart pound… and weep, and rejoice.The author’s bio hints that a second book is in the offing. If this doesn’t become a sci fi series, I will forever be hungering for more.Dystopian fiction and futuristic novels often get so caught up in describing the details of the setting that they forget that it’s the characters that drive the story.

In The Transition Witness, the characters are the setting.As far as women’s fiction goes, this is one of the few adventure novels that doesn’t rely on gimmicks, formulas and gratuitous sex to keep your attention. It’s just good, old-fashioned storytelling.

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